Dry coolers

Drycoolers combine heat exchangers and fans, often to cool water that comes from and industrial process, allowing to reuse it.

We can find it in diverse industrial processes such as cooling industrial engines, or energy recovery. A Radiadores Cerezo success case is the energy recovery in a bottling plant where we developed a detailed saving study.

Exchanger coils are custom-made and fans are carefully selected to optimize each drycooler performance. Thanks to our customization and experience, we can offer an excellent value for money.

Many aspects need to be taken into account when quoting for a device. The Radiadores Cerezo team assesses all of them in order to find the best option according to the needs and objectives of each facility.

Among the multitude of aspects that we assess are: the quality of finishes (industrial or tertiary) depending on the position the air cooler is installed, whether a constant flow of air is desired or rather the regulation of the pressure depending on the soiling of the filters, and the option of installing a control panel which, for example, alerts you when the level of saturation of the filters reaches a certain point. We manufacture devices with metal filters that retain the particles (for example, mining) and also simple filters such as the G4 to control the air quality.

Concerning our after-sale services, we offer transport solutions adapted to your needs by allowing deliveries in different formats; by land, sea or air, transport door to door, and urgent deliveries, from EXW to CPT, according to the Incoterms 2010 managed by ICC, International Chamber of Commerce.

Radiadores Cerezo products are covered by a 2 years warranty.




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