Solar dry coolers

The heat sinks serve to dissipate the excess heat and prevent overheating of a system. This process is achieved by means of the thermal exchange between two fluids, where one absorbs the heat of the other. We can find heat dissipaters in different facilities, such as solar thermal installations, where heat dissipaters are known as solar dissipaters.

These devices consist of three main elements; the casing or enclosure, the heat exchanger and the motor-fan group.

The housing is made of galvanised steel or stainless steel and, in certain cases, covered with a plasticised PVC layer. The heat exchanger that we find in the interior usually has the 325 configuration with a geometry of 25 x 21.65 mm and copper tubes of 3/8″ or the 538 configuration with a geometry of 38 x 34 mm and copper tubes of 5/8″. The motor-fan group is always selected according to the needs of each facility.

Radiadores Cerezo provides standard heat sinks as well as custom-built ones, optimised for each project, and is therefore ideal for new projects and replacements. We can find them in various facilities such as solar installations where heat sinks are known as solar heat sinks.

It is important that devices are selected carefully in order to avoid leaving us short on power or over-sizing the devices unnecessarily. For this, our team of engineers is at your disposal to help you and advise you of the solution that best suits your needs. We calculate the projection of the outgoing air among other things.

Our thermodynamic analyses are based on an advanced selection software that allows us to simulate the performance of the exchangers under the specific working conditions that the project requires. Thanks to this calculation programme and our extensive experience, we can optimise performance, quality and price.

Concerning the after-sale services, we offer transport solutions adapted to your needs, by allowing deliveries in different formats; by land, sea or air, transport door to door and urgent, from EXW to CPT, according to the Incoterms 2010 managed by ICC, International Chamber of Commerce.

Radiadores Cerezo products are covered by a 2 years warranty.



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